The Museum which will bring back the good old time to you

The journey through 90 years of German car history will give you huge variety. In the collection you will find cars from the luxury producer Horch in an 8 cylinder version built in 1937, from the first polyester made sports car a DKW Monza from 1957 till cars from the 70`s. On three levels you will find over 100 of all kinds vehicles, motorbikes and bikes throughout the decades of development.  A great extraordinary experience for the whole family.

From the economic wonder after the war to the buildup of the private wealth.

The 50ies and the 60ies were the years of the so called German economic wonder years. It was a time of a lot of changes and developments leading to a lot of happiness inside the German population. Inside the museum a lot of time victims remind on this golden time. The feeling of this time will also transfer to you and give you an impression of how it was. A good variety of small vehicles from this time which are displayed in the correct environment will give you a good impression.


Vehicles and more

6 days

opened a week,
mondays closed

5000 qm

exposition area